Can I drink tourtel twist beer when pregnant ?

During celebrations, it generally happens that alcohol is present. However, while pregnant, it is not advised to drink alcohol at any time. Nevertheless, sometime we fancy a drink in the event just to appreciate the moment like everyone else at the aperitif! That being said, then can you drink tourtel twist beer while pregnant? To start with we will tell you if you will be able to drink tourtel twist beer when pregnant and in a second step we will detail different recommendations for drinking non-alcoholic drinks safely during pregnancy.

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Is it safe to drink tourtel twist beer when pregnant?

The great questioning of soft drinks! Yes, a pregnant woman also desires drink an aperitif. So can you drink tourtel twist beer when pregnant without any worries? YES, you can drink tourtel twist beer while pregnant. BUT you’re going to need to check one thing just before you drink tourtel twist beer, and this is the alcohol level. We explain this in the second part.
Fruit juices is allowed while pregnant, but beware with sugar too. You have a wide range of alcohol-free cocktails , such as Virgin mojito or Virgin colada. The taste will be the same without the alcohol intake.

What should I check just before drinking tourtel twist beer while pregnant?

The alcohol level present in tourtel twist beer

Soft drinks doesn’t always be worry-free for the baby. Yes, some non-alcoholic drinks contain alcohol. At a very low level, indeed, but alcohol is present. In general, the levels are around 0, 1 – 0, 5% alcohol. We advise that you buy drinks with zero alcohol content. Drinking tourtel twist beer while being pregnant is indeed ok but limited to those where alcohol will be present. If you very occasionally drink an alcohol-free beer, which contains 0. 5% alcohol, you will not induce serious complications for the fetus. Don’t worry either!

The sugar in tourtel twist beer

Drinking tourtel twist beer when pregnant is not dangerous for the baby. But be aware about the sugar content of these drinks in general. Indeed, non-alcoholic cocktails are mostly made with juices and/or sugar. Alcohol-free beers also have carbohydrates. You will be able to consume it while pregnant but limit the amount. Sugar promotes gestational diabetes and weight gain, which happen to be bad to the fetus.

We have a search engine for pregnant women to find foods that are allowed or not advised while pregnant.

What drinks are advised while pregnant?

Water remains the only authorized and advised drink while pregnant. Encourage a water intake of about 1. 5l per day. Water is your ally. A variant is sparkling water with lemon for example.


To conclude, drinking tourtel twist beer when pregnant is safe for the baby. Just remember to check the alcohol content inside the non-alcoholic beverages so that it is as low or non-existent as possible.