Can I drink celery juice when pregnant ?

You are looking for information during your pregnancy, unfortunately it will be complicated to get your answer. There are so many recommendations on food and beverages during pregnancy that we will often quickly be lost. What a amazing event to be pregnant! However, you need help to understand the dietary recommendations. So is it safe to drink celery juice when you are pregnant? For a start we will discuss whether or not you will be able to drink celery juice while pregnant and then the right recommendations for drinking juices without any problem.


Are we able to drink celery juice when you are pregnant?

It happens quite often to want a fresh fruit juice, squeezed, homemade or even industrial. That being said, is it possible to drink celery juice when you are pregnant? The answer will be YES, you can drink celery juice when you are pregnant. Fruit juices will be definetely safe for the baby.

What will be the nutritional intake when drinking celery juice when you are pregnant?

Fruits bring you a lot of good things. They will offer water, vitamin C, folic acid and antioxidants. These nutrients can help the baby grow well.
Vitamin C will allow excellent absorption of iron, which is essential for red blood cells.
In this case after this information, you know why you can drink celery juice pregnant. But it seems essential to observe different precautions.

What will be the arrangements for drinking celery juice while pregnant?

Drinking celery juice while pregnant and carbohydrates

Juices should not replace daily water of 1. 5L. Almost all fruit naturally contains carbohydrates . The sugar content of fruit juices may depend on how you consume your juice. In case this if the juice is industrial with added sugars, you will drink a lot of sugars, which will be bad for your baby. If the juice is fresh or squeezed, they are prepared at the time. It will not have any added sugars except those already present in the fruit.
Smoothies are also filled with sugar if milk, ice or industrial juices are added.

The risks of toxoplasmosis when drinking celery juice pregnant

There is another advice for fruit that does not have its skin removed. The toxoplasmosis parasite may be present on the fruit and thus on the skin of the fruit. Sometimes it will infect the mother who does not have antibodies and infect the baby. It happens to be recommended to properly wash your fruits and if the skin comes off to remove it. With this recommendations, you will be able to drink celery juice during pregnancy.


Be careful, smoothies can be made with milk. Make sure that the milk has been pasteurized. This will generally be the case whether the smoothie is industrial or fresh from restaurants.

If you are curious to know if you will be able to eat or drink a specific food, enter it in our search engine for pregnant women .


To synthesize the whole thing, you will be able to drink celery juice when you are pregnant without fear. However, wash your fruit properly if you make your own juice. Choose peel-off fruits (such as orange in bars or restaurants), or industrial juices. Choose organic fruit in order to minimize the presence of pesticides.