Can I eat yakitori sauce when pregnant ?

Questions, only questions during pregnancy! Diet during pregnancy will be the subject of many worries for women when they are pregnant. There is a lot of suggestions, however it often happens to be lost in all this information. What is the possibility of eating and what will not be advisable? Can we eat yakitori sauce when we are pregnant? To start we will discover if you will be able to eat yakitori sauce during pregnancy or not and then the important information to eat sauces without any problem for the baby.


Is it ok to eat yakitori sauce while pregnant?

You feel stressed because you no longer understand whether or not you are allowed to eat sauces during pregnancy. And in particular can we eat yakitori sauce when we are pregnant? The answer will be NO, you cannot eat yakitori sauce while pregnant. To make it more precise for you, we will see in the 2nd part the suggestions for eating sauces well without any problem.

What will be the advice on how to eat yakitori sauce while pregnant?

It seems important to have a well-balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy. Different foods will be discouraged or encouraged during pregnancy, including some sauces and especially eating yakitori sauce while pregnant. We will explain to you why it is not recommended to eat this sauce in particular.

Fish sauces

All fish sauces will be banned (oyster sauce, nuoc mam, etc. ). They will be made from pickled but usually uncooked fish. Even if industrial sauces have very little risk, it is preferable not to eat them.

Soya or soya-based sauces

Soy contains phytoestrogens, which can disrupt the baby’s proper growth. It happens to be possible to consume salty or sweet industrial soy sauces but in a very exceptional way. For other soy sauces, it will not be recommended to eat them, either they will be too salty or made with fish marinades.


Most of the sauces have a lot of salt. It happens to be very likely that eating yakitori sauce when you are pregnant brings you a lot of salt. The maximum daily intake is 5 g of salt per day. The salt may be hidden under the name monosodium glutamate or E-621 in the list of ingredients. Some sauces will be more salty, such as soy sauces and broths. It is better to use aromatic herbs or spices to spice up or salt your dishes.

Eat yakitori sauce when pregnant with egg and homemade

Raw egg sauces are not recommended during pregnancy. Avoid sauces in restaurants or during invitations to friends’ homes made with raw eggs. If you make your own homemade sauce, you will very rarely can use raw eggs, but they must be very fresh and properly stored. If you are in doubt, do not eat sauces with raw egg yolks. However, you can eat industrial sauces made from raw eggs because the sauce is most often pasteurized.

Sauces with dairy products

Avoid fresh cheese sauces, if you don’t know if the cheese has been overcooked. You can eat cheese sauces if the cheese has been well cooked. Sauces made with cream, milk or butter will have to be made with pasteurized products.

Alcohol-based sauce

Sauces with alcohol are not recommended during pregnancy. The alcohol does not have time to disappear during the cooking of the sauce. The rule will be ZERO ALCOHOL during pregnancy.

You can use our search engine for women when we are pregnant , if you want to know if you have the possibility to this or that food.


At last, you will be unable to eat yakitori sauce while pregnant.