Can I eat leftover pizza when pregnant ?

We are slowly having progress in the list of foods allowed or not recommended while pregnant. It is easy to get lost in what will or will not be possible to eat while pregnant. None of us have the desire to cause disorders for the baby. So are we able to eat leftover pizza when we are pregnant? To start, we will discuss whether you can eat leftover pizza while pregnant and secondly the tips for eating a safe pizza .


Is it ok to eat leftover pizza while pregnant?

It will happen to us at any time when we wish a nice crispy pizza! That said, in all our questions while pregnant, pizzas will be part of it. Can we eat leftover pizza when we are pregnant without any risk for the child? The answer will be YES, BUT you’ll have to be careful to control two or three things before eating it. It is essential to be able to enjoy yourself during pregnancy without taking any risks. A pizza with properly cooked food will be no problem for the baby. However, everything need to be cooked, no risky ingredients put after cooking. In Part 2, we explain the ingredients at risk in order to correctly identify them.

What are the suggestions if you want to eat leftover pizza while pregnant?

It is important to remember the problems associated with the ingredients in the pizza. Each well-cooked pizza with well-cooked ingredients will not be dangerous for the baby. Therefore you have the possibility to eat leftover pizza while pregnant when it has been well cooked. It seems recommended to eat the pizza at the end of the oven and not several hours spent in the ambient air.

Eat leftover pizza while pregnant containing vegetables or fruit

Almost everything that may have been in contact with the ground will be at risk of carrying toxoplasmosis. It is a parasite that grows in the soil. The vast majority of fruits and vegetables must be well washed before eating them. The vegetables can be put just after cooking (arugula, salad, …) but washed thoroughly.

Eat leftover pizza when pregnant with cheese or cream

All creams used for the base need to be preferably pasteurized milk. The vast majority of high-risk cheeses will be those made with raw milk, soft milk or undercooked cheese (Roquefort, gorgonzola) will be risky of carrying listeriosis (a disease caused by bacteria). The advantage of baking pizza at high heat will let you to kill this bacteria. The only condition for eating leftover pizza while pregnant with cheeses is that the pizza need to be cooked at high temperature. No problem for other cheeses such as cheddar or comté, you can eat them cooked or undercooked. Mozzarella is made from pasteurized milk, so there is no risk.

If you have an interest in knowing which cheese will be at risk for listeriosis or not, use our women’s search engine while pregnant .

Eating leftover pizza when pregnant with deli meats

It seems highly inappropriate to eat a pizza for which you will not be sure of the cooking of the deli meats (ham, raw, parma ham, bacon, etc. ). If it is possible to check that the sausage has been put at the beginning of the pizza baking process, in this case the Listeria bacteria and toxoplasmosis have been killed. So yes you can eat leftover pizza while pregnant or with cold cuts if everything is well cooked.

Eat leftover pizza with an egg

Salmonella will be a pathology related to an existing bacterium, especially in eggs. In order not to take any risks, do not eat pizza with an egg that is not or only slightly cooked on it. If the egg is cooked in this case, you will not need to worry about eating your pizza.

Eat leftover pizza while pregnant with seafood

Same advice for seafood. Seafood that is not well frozen or not fresh may carry listeriosis . The only time you can eat these seafood is when it is well cooked. So if your shellfish has been added before cooking on the pizza, in this case the bacteria has been killed and you are no longer at risk by eating your pizza.


In short, you can eat leftover pizza while pregnant under 2 conditions, that all the ingredients have been well cooked and that the ingredients are as fresh as possible.