Can I eat grilled reuben sandwich when pregnant ?

Learning about your pregnancy can be a amazing moment. However, trying to be concious of all the different recommendations may turn out to be overwhelming. With regards to dietary rules, all sorts of questions will eventually come up. Can you eat grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant? In this article, we will talk about the problems associated with the ingredients which are in the sandwiches , so that you find out if you can eat grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant.


Is it ok to eat grilled reuben sandwich when you’re pregnant?

During a car trip, in between meals or at a picnic – these are all examples of occasions in which you would usually eat grilled reuben sandwich . But is it safe to eat grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant? For most sandwiches, the answer is yes. But it is essential to be aware of which types of sandwich are safe and which are not.

How can you find out if you can eat grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant without risk?

When eating grilled reuben sandwich or other sandwiches, you should check the ingredients they are made with. The main risks are related to toxoplasmosis, listeriosis and salmonella.

Eating grilled reuben sandwich with mayonnaise

The industrial mayonnaise present in sandwiches is safe. The industrial sandwich contains only industrial mayonnaise, so the sandwich can be eaten safely while pregnant.
Homemade or bakery-made mayonnaise is sometimes made from fresh eggs. The raw egg used to make mayonnaise brings the risk of transmitting salmonella. Salmonella is a bacterium found in non-fresh eggs. It isn’t advisable to eat a sandwich with homemade mayonnaise that you have not made yourself. To be sure, you can always ask with what kind of mayonnaise your sandwich was made.

Is it risky to eat grilled reuben sandwich with eggs when you’re pregnant?

If the question you’re asking is regarding boiled eggs, you can check our article about eating boiled eggs while pregnant .

Sandwiches with raw vegetables or salad

This paragraph is of interest to pregnant women who are not immune to toxoplasmosis. If you’re about to eat grilled reuben sandwich and it contains vegetables or salad, you should make sure that the vegetables have been cleaned.
As to baked sandwiches or Subway sandwiches, you can never be sure if whether the vegetables have been washed or not, so those are to avoid. Or, as an alternative, choose a sandwich that is made with cooked vegetables like peppers or onions.
The Sodebo sandwich, the triangle sandwich or supermarket sandwiches are made with washed vegetables, which means they are not a risk. In order to be safe, you should always choose industrial or homemade sandwiches (made by yourself), in which you are sure that the vegetables have been properly washed.

Eating fish or seafood sandwiches while pregnant

If you want to eat grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant, check if it has been made with fish or seafood.
Whenever a sandwich contains tuna, salmon, crab or surimi, it’s essential to check if you can eat it without any risk.
The tuna sandwich is usually made with canned tuna, which is safe for pregnancy.
The cracked crab sandwich is also safe to eat while pregnant. There is no risk of transmitting listeriosis because this seafood is cooked. On the other hand, it is not too advisable to eat surimi sandwiches.
The smoked salmon sandwich is not advised during pregnancy. Smoked salmon can transmit listeriosis or toxoplasmosis, two diseases that can put the baby’s health at risk.


Any sandwich made with cooked meat is safe, with offal being the exception. It is not advisable to eat deli meat, which the rosette sandwich, the rillette sandwich and pâté are made with. The ham sandwich is also made with deli meat, but it’s an exception because the meat is cooked.


Eating grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant isn’t an issue, but you should still check if it contains butter. It is safe to eat butter when you’re pregnant, as long as it is made from pasteurized milk – which, fortunately, is the most common type of butter.

Cheese and grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant

It is safe to eat grilled reuben sandwich while pregnant, but you should check if it contains cheese. The types of cheese that can be dangerous are cheeses made from unpasteurized milk (such as Camembert, Blue Cheese, …). If it contains any kind of hard cheese, it won’t be a problem.
Look for the specific kind of cheese in our search engine to see if it is safe.


To recap, it is perfectly ok to eat industrial sandwiches. You can always make your own sandwiches, since you find out what ingredients are safe to include. As to the bakery sandwich, avoid the cold meat, homemade mayonnaise, and vegetables sandwiches. About the grilled reuben sandwich , it is perfectly safe to eat during pregnancy.