Can I eat curly when pregnant ?

Pregnancy is a phase during which you are encouraged to do a lot of things. We think it’s not quite simple to find out what’s right for the baby and what is not. All we’re telling you is for a good cause! However, we believe that it is necessary to specify which foods are allowed or not recommended during pregnancy. Is it safe to eat curly while you are pregnant? First we will tell you if you can eat curly when you are pregnant and in a second time we will see different tips for salty foods .

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Is it ok to eat curly when you are pregnant?

Who hasn’t had a craving for appetizers while pregnant, among others? Can you eat curly when you are pregnant? The answer is YES, you can eat curly while pregnant without any risk. Almost all the foods in the salt store is safe for the child. NOTHING from the salty grocery store is risky for the baby but just limited for food.

Tips for eating curly when you are pregnant


One of the big concerns of some of the foods in the salt store is salt. In that case all the products will not be salted from the origin. In this category we include all aperitifs (chips, aperitif cake, salted dried fruit, etc. ). A salt intake of more than 2g per day might be harmful to the health of the mother and the baby. Excessive sodium consumption (the scientific name for salt) could cause dangers to your pregnancy. High blood pressure (hypertension) can be caused by high salt consumption. In some cases, hypertension can lead to serious pregnancy health problems such as preeclampsia . During your pregnancy, the doctor and midwife will verify your blood pressure so that they can see that it does not increase. Eating curly when you are pregnant does not mean that you are bringing too much salt. Above all, we will have to limit the consumption of highly salty foods such as crisps and aperitifs. Don’t over-salt your dishes.

If you want to know more about preeclampsia, click on the link below:

Pesticides when you consume curly while you are pregnant

Eating curly when you are pregnant does not mean you are intaking a lot of pesticides either. However, verify when you buy your food in the store, there is everything that is pasta, rice, cereals (quinoa, bulgur, …). We suggest that you buy them ORGANIC if it is possible to do so in order to minimize the presence of pesticides in your foods. The consequences of pesticides are unknown in pregnancy, so as a preventive measure, limit the purchase of NON-ORGANIC cereal products. For starchy foods, buy them COMPLETE, in order to better digest and reduce weight gain.

A search engine for pregnant wome n is available to find out if you will be able to eat this or that food while pregnant.


In conclusion, you will be able to eat curly when you are pregnant and safe for the baby.