Can I eat beef carpaccio when pregnant ?

We already talked about vegetables, fruit and fish during pregnancy in other articles. However, what about meat ? Can we eat beef carpaccio while pregnant? You are lost and do not understand what you are able or not able to eat during pregnancy. What is advised and what is prohibited. We will discuss with you whether you can eat beef carpaccio while pregnant, the potential risks and benefits of eating meat during pregnancy.


Are we allowed to eat beef carpaccio while pregnant?

The question of whether you can eat meat during pregnancy happens frequently. So can we eat beef carpaccio when we are pregnant? The answer will be YES. However, it will be necessary to take various measures in order to be able to eat them without any risk.

What will be the risks of eating beef carpaccio while pregnant and what measures can be taken?

What are the risks of eating beef carpaccio when pregnant?

The two essential risks linked with meat during pregnancy are toxoplasmosis and listeriosis.

Toxoplasmosis will be a pathology related to a parasite that is present in soil and meat. Some pregnant women will find themselves already protected, others will not. You know this from the beginning of your pregnancy, through the blood test that the doctor will have you do. If you are protected, you do not have to protect yourself from toxoplasmosis and therefore you won’t have to worry about the following recommendations. If you do not have the antibodies, then you need to respect various rules. First of all, to be able to eat beef carpaccio while pregnant, it could be important to be certain that the meat is well cooked. You shouldn’t eat raw, dried, smoked or marinated meat. The toxoplasmosis parasite won’t be killed during cooking. To eat meat during pregnancy , it will have to be cooked thoroughly. This problem can also be transmitted by cats, fruits or vegetables through soil residues.

Listeriosis will be linked to a bacterium, in most cases present in cheese and meat. When the mother swallows this bacteria, it could be transmitted to the baby. The signs of illness appear to be a fever that will usually go unnoticed. The dangers are spontaneous abortion, meningitis or bacterial infection in the baby. To protect yourself from listeriosis, buy dairy products made from pasteurized products, cook meat thoroughly and you should not eat raw seafood or shellfish.

What are the precautions to take before eating beef carpaccio while pregnant?

After touching risky foods, you have to wash your hands, do not rub your eyes and rinse your kitchen utensils carefully. Separate raw, cooked and ready-to-eat foods well in your fridge. Leftover dishes will need to be warmed up thoroughly.
The only main instruction will be to heat the meat thoroughly before eating it, do not eat liver, raw, smoked or dried meat. Now you understand why you can eat beef carpaccio pregnant.

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What are the nutrient intakes when you eat beef carpaccio when you are pregnant?

Meat will provide mainly protein and iron. It appears essential during pregnancy. You will indeed benefit from eating meat twice a week, so eating beef carpaccio while pregnant will be beneficial for your iron intake.
For vegans or vegetarians, consider consuming different foods to bring this iron, such as vegetables, starchy foods such as lentils, fish, aromatic herbs. The precautions will be the same, wash fruits and vegetables well before eating them. Do not eat raw fish.

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Eating beef carpaccio while pregnant will not be forbidden, but make sure the meat is well cooked.

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