Can I eat salty Tart when pregnant ?

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful life-changing events a woman can have. But trying to start taking all the right dietary guidelines can be difficult and unclear. It’s very easy to be lost in all the different advice. Is it safe to eat salty Tart while pregnant? What are the risks? Throughout this article, we will answer your questions and advise you of the right precautions to take before eating salty Tart.

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Can we eat salty Tart when pregnant?

Quiches and pies make excellent meals – they’re fast and easy to make, there are a lot of different ingredients you can use… But can you eat salty Tart during pregnancy? Most pies and quiches, the answer is yes. However, there are a few boxes to tick before being completely sure.

Can you eat salty Tart while pregnant?

The basic preparation of a quiche is composed by the dough and the filling.
The dough is either industrial or homemade. If the dough is homemade, there is no risk because the quiche has yet to be cooked. The industrial quiche dough is often made from pasteurized products.
The recipes often contain eggs , cream or milk and sometimes cheese . It’s safe to eat this preparation while pregnant because the eggs and all dairy products are cooked, which cuts out the risk of salmonella or listeria contamination.

Learn to check each ingredient used to make the quiche to find out if you can eat salty Tart while pregnant without risks

A quiche is made of many ingredients. It is important to check each one of them to be sure it is okay for you to eat salty Tart during your pregnancy.

Is it safe to eat salty Tart with eggs when you’re pregnant?

The risk of being contaminated with salmonella from eating quiches is very low. The eggs included in the preparation are cooked, which means the bacteria are killed during cooking.

Eating salty Tart and vegetables while pregnant

The risk associated with eating vegetables is toxoplasmosis, a parasite present in the soil. It is usually carried by vegetables and cats. If the vegetables are cooked, the parasite won’t survive the heat, which means you have nothing to concerns about.

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Quiches with fish or seafood while you’re pregnant

If you want to eat salty Tart while pregnant, check if it contains of fish or seafood.
Whenever a quiche contains tuna, salmon, crab or surimi, it’s essential to be sure it is safe for you to eat it.
Whether the quiche is made with salmon, tuna or crab, there is no risk of transmission of toxoplasmosis and listeriosis, as you know the quiche has been cooked at high enough temperatures.


Any quiche or pie made with cooked meat is safe (offal being the exception). But again, as long as the food is cooked, it’s safe to be eaten.


Eating salty Tart while pregnant isn’t an issue, but you should still check if it contains butter. It is ok to eat butter while pregnant if it is either pasteurized or cooked. Of course, this would be the case for the quiche. Therefore, you can eat salty Tart while pregnant without any risk.

Cheese and salty Tart while pregnant

You can eat salty Tart while pregnant but remember that it may contain cheese. Cheeses that are usually served in salty Tart are almost all not advisable to eat while pregnant, except when they are cooked. The quiche is cooked at more than 170°C/338°, which grants you it is safe to eat.

The conservation of quiches

The freezer

It is safe for you to eat frozen quiches or pies, but it’s advisable for you to eat it as soon as possible after being defrosted.

The conservation

It is advisable to keep the quiche in the refrigerator. However, you should avoid keeping the salty Tart for more than a few days and always keep it in a separate area from raw food or other types of food that are not advisable.


You now understand why there is no risk in eating salty Tart when you are pregnant.

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