Can I drink latte coffee when pregnant ?

You are going into a new period of life, pregnancy. Pregnancy is definately not easy to manage. A lot of questions for this pregnancy. Medical professionals advise lots of things that you don’t understand what to do anymore. We have previously seen in other content the permitted and not recommended foods. But what about drinks? Can we drink latte coffee when you are pregnant? We will tell you if you have the chance to drink latte coffee when you are pregnant and the arrangements for drinking tea and coffee .

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Is it ok drink latte coffee when you are pregnant without any worries?

Beverages are part of our daily lives. Water is advised as a drink to be promoted. It is important for a good evolution of the pregnancy and a good development of the baby. It is advised 1L – 1. 5L per day for good hydration. Water allows you to eliminate all the waste from the body of mom and baby.
After that coffee and tea is the most frequent drinks. So is it safe to drink latte coffee when you are pregnant? YES, you can drink latte coffee while pregnant. However, there are several suggestions to observe to avoid causing problems during your pregnancy.

What will be the benefits of drinking latte coffee when you are pregnant?

Coffee and tea also give the possibility to intake water. However, that’s not all they bring and that’s the problem. They will also bring caffeine . The theine provided by tea happens to be exactly the same molecule as caffeine and thus has the same reactions as coffee.

Coffee stimulates the nervous system of the mother and the fetus. Pregnancy boosts the effects of caffeine. Drinking too much caffeine can cause heart palpitations, increased stress and disturbed sleep. At worst, caffeine overdose could cause a miscarriage. Thus drinking latte coffee while you are pregnant in too large quantities could expose you to unwanted clinical signs.

For the effects of theine, it reduces iron absorption. It seems advised not to consume too much during pregnancy. However, tea contains antioxidants.
Coffee and tea help the intestines to pass through and thus reduce the risk of constipation.

What are the tips for drinking latte coffee when you are pregnant?

What is the allowed quantity that is it safe to drink latte coffee when you are pregnant?

It is important to limit the consumption of latte coffee while pregnant. It seems advised not to exceed 300mg of caffeine per day. But how much can you drink latte coffee pregnant?

To know how much caffeine or theine are inside each beverages:

  • In 23 cl of green tea: there might be between 30 and 50 mg of caffeine
  • In 23 cl of black tea: between 25 and 120 mg of caffeine
  • In 23 cl of instant coffee: there might be between 50 and 180 mg of caffeine.
  • In 23 cl of espresso: between 70 and 150 mg of caffeine
  • For 23 cl of brewed coffee (filter or extended): between 100 and 200 mg of caffeine

What are the suggestions for choosing the right tea and coffee?

For teas, use green tea. Teas are less loaded with pesticides when they are ORGANIC . Otherwise drink red tea, roobois that does not contain caffeine.
For coffees, use organic methods to minimize the presence of pesticides.

If you want to find out what you can eat or drink while pregnant, use our search engine for pregnant women .


You can drink latte coffee when pregnant, but you will need to limit its consumption while pregnant.