Can I eat rossini foie gras when pregnant ?

Pregnancy may not be easy. There are many questions for pregnant women to ask in order for the baby to grow well. However, sometimes it is stressful not to know what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy. During the holidays and eating out moments, we might want to eat foie gras. However, can we eat foie gras while we are pregnant? First of all, we will explain in which situations you can eat foie gras and then the risks of consuming certain types of foie gras.

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Under what circumstances can we eat rossini foie gras when pregnant?

Eating foie gras is a pleasure for many pregnant women. But during pregnancy it will not be recommended by gynaecologists. However, it appears that we will still be able to eat them? So YES you will be able to eat it but in some cases. Cooked foie gras is allowed during pregnancy, among other things in a stuffing cooked in the oven and also in a pan-fried foie gras.

This is why, to be as clear as possible and to find out if you will be able to eat rossini foie gras when pregnant, we will list the foies gras allowed and the foies gras not recommended during pregnancy.

Authorized foie gras:

  • Foie gras cooked in jars, canned or vacuum-packed
  • Pre-packaged foie gras
  • Sterilized liver
  • Pan-fried foie gras
  • Stuffing of cooked foie gras
  • Foie gras sauce: heat the sauce properly and use canned or jarred liver and as with the recommendations given for dairy products, use milk and pasteurized cream
  • Frozen foie gras: you will be able to eat it simply because the foie gras will have undergone a temperature below 20°C and as a result the Listeria bacteria is killed

Why would we opt for canned foie gras? It is generally sterilized for better preservation. The sterilization process will kill the possible presence of the Listeria bacteria.

Banned foie gras:

  • Homemade foie gras (terrine, tea towel)
  • Foie gras in the caterer or restaurant
  • Semi-cooked foie gras
  • Foam of foie gras

Women that are pregnant most often ask themselves the question for semi-cooked foie gras. We will explain why it seems not recommended for pregnant women. Semi-cooked foie gras is not recommended because it happens to be cooked at low temperature. This way the cooking will not be strong enough to remove the listeria . Semi-cooked foie gras is in the category of fresh products with a short shelf life, so do not take this type of foie gras when you are pregnant.

What can be the problem with eating rossini foie gras pregnant?

The problem with eating rossini foie gras when you are pregnant will be listeriosis. Listeriosis is a pathology caused by a bacteria, Listeria, which is present in meat, dairy products, cheese and foie gras. Listeria is killed by pasteurization or cooking. Therefore we know better why it is possible to eat cooked foie gras.

The 2nd less common problem will be vitamin A overdose. Eating rossini foie gras when pregnant brings a lot of vitamin A. Too much vitamin A is not recommended during pregnancy. It is possible to eat it, but it is better to eat it from time to time.

What to do if you have eaten undercooked foie gras?

In that case, don’t be alarmed. The Listeria problem we mentioned above is quite rare. There is no need to do anything in an emergency. You will need to keep an eye on signs of illness within 2 months after eating undercooked foie gras that may be at risk of Listeriosis for fever and headaches. In this case, it is advised to visit a doctor so he can examine you and, if necessary, do a blood test to look for the bacteria. If it is positive, then you will need to take antibiotics.

If you are curious to find out if any other food is allowed or prohibited during pregnancy, use our search engine for finding food is allowed for pregnant women .


With all this info, you now learn if you can eat rossini foie gras when you are pregnant. In this situation whether you eat foie gras, eat it occasionally.