Can I eat raw lobster when pregnant ?

Is it safe to eat raw lobster when we are pregnant?

Many questions during pregnancy! We don’t really know what to do right for the baby or not to do. For feeding during pregnancy, there are a few rules to follow in order to allow your baby to develop properly. So a question that comes up all the time, can you eat raw lobster when you’re pregnant? We will 1st check with you to see if you are allowed to eat raw lobster during pregnancy, then we will look at the risks associated with its consumption and at last the measures to take.

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Is it safe to eat raw lobster while we are pregnant?

You want to fnd out if you can eat seafood during your pregnancy. But are you allowed to eat raw lobster when you are pregnant? The answer is NO, you cannot eat raw lobster during pregnancy. There is a risk of infection when raw lobster consumption.

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What are the risks if you eat raw lobster when you are pregnant and what should you do if you have consumed it?

The risks of eating raw lobster when you are pregnant

If you eat raw lobster when you are pregnant, the risk is to have listeriosis. It is a disease linked to a Listeria bacterium, which is present in fish, shellfish, raw crustaceans, undercooked meat, raw milk cheese for example. Listeriosis can cause infection in mothers with fever and headaches. But it may be serious for the baby, causing infection or, at worst, premature delivery. However, you should be aware that the risk is low, so no panic.

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What should you do if you have eaten raw lobster when you are pregnant?

So first of all, don’t worry, the risk of Listeria infection is low. If you have just looked at our article and you ate raw lobster during your pregnancy, don’t panic. Inform your doctor when you can. You should check within two months of consuming raw lobster for fever and headaches. Then at that time, you will need to do a blood test to look for the presence of Listeria. If this is confirmed, then you will need to take antibiotics.

What measures should be taken to ensure that seafood can be consumed?

Seafood should be eaten in moderation during pregnancy in all cases. Their consumption will provide you with vitamins, iodine, minerals and trace elements that are important during pregnancy. Limit the consumption of fish and seafood to twice a week so as not to eat too much mercury, which could interfere with the proper course of pregnancy. It might happen that you can eat raw lobster when you are pregnant, but with one condition. It must be cooked (minimum 70°C/158°F) in order to destroy Listeria. You can only eat shellfish if they are well cooked.

The only raw shellfish allowed during pregnancy will be fresh oysters from a well identified farm. We do not advise eating raw seafood (raw or undercooked shellfish and crustaceans, sushi, clams and raw mussels. Do not take seafood that has already been cooked and refrigerated. Always take fresh seafood and cook it yourself. Discard shells that did not open after cooking.


It is not advisable to eat raw lobster when you are pregnant. You will avoid Listeria infection.

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