Can I eat industrial mayonnaise when pregnant ?

Good nutrition during pregnancy is crucial, mostly to provide what is needed for the baby’s growth but also to keep the mother in excellent health condition. With this in mind, there are tips for nutrition during pregnancy. But it is very easy to get lost and no longer understand what you are going to be able to eat and quickly fall into a fear of unrecommended and risky food. In this case can we eat industrial mayonnaise when we are pregnant? To begin we will tell you if you will be able to eat industrial mayonnaise while pregnant and in a second time the arrangements to be made for sauces while pregnant.

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Is it safe to eat industrial mayonnaise while pregnant?

The body will change a lot during pregnancy. There are a multitude of questions about food, for example about sauces. Is it ok to eat industrial mayonnaise when we are pregnant? The answer is YES, eating industrial mayonnaise during pregnancy is allowed. But it seems to be useful to remember the few steps to take for sauces and avoid eating what would be risky for the baby.

What is the steps to take to eat well industrial mayonnaise while pregnant?

We will provide you with an overview of the sauces allowed while pregnant. It is essential to know if you can eat industrial mayonnaise while pregnant, but also the modalities if you want to eat it. We will not detail all the sauces. We will focus on those that is the most risky. The goal will not be to become totally worried at the thought of eating industrial mayonnaise while pregnant.

Sauces with cheese

Cheese sauces is allowed while pregnant but only under Two conditions. The 1st condition is that either the sauce will be industrial or it is homemade but only by you. It is important to verify that the cheese has been properly cooked or to buy an industrial product that ensures food pasteurization and better preservation. If you follow these recommendations you will avoid the problem of Listeria infection.

Industrial sauces

It happens to be possible to select an industrial sauce if you have to eat industrial mayonnaise while pregnant. Most sauces are properly preserved and pasteurized. You can eat a lot of industrial sauces but that is banned if they are homemade (such as béarnaise, tartare, Dutch, etc. )

Soya or soya-based sauces

We’re not going to talk about these sauces. We have put soy sauces in the banned category. BUT sweet or savoury soy sauces, for example, will not be formally banned. They are not recommended because soybeans contain phytoestrogens that can disrupt baby’s proper development. If the consumption of soya or soy-based products is rare then it happens to be possible to eat them. BUT to make it easier for you to understand, forget about soy products.

Sauce with cream or milk

The rule happens to be the same as for cheeses and dairy products. Buy either an industrial sauce that happens to be made with pasteurized cream, butter or milk or take pasteurized ingredients if your sauce is homemade.

Homemade sauce

A generality is made to know if you can eat industrial mayonnaise while pregnant and wat to eat homemade sauce. At first, it is necessary to follow the recommendations explained above. At last, be careful when using raw egg or yolks in your sauces. It seems risky to use raw eggs in your sauces. If you have extra fresh and properly stored eggs, then it happens to be possible to put them in your sauce. The problem otherwise is a salmonella infection if your eggs are not fresh.

Take care with salt when eating industrial mayonnaise while pregnant

A lot of sauces, especially industrial ones, have salt. It generally appears to be in the form of salt or monosodium glutamate. You will see them in the broths, such as soy sauce. It is recommended to limit the salt intake to less than 5g per day. Choose a seasoning with aromatic herbs .

If you would like to know if you are going to be able to eat a specific food, follow our search engine for pregnant women .


In the end, you will be able to eat industrial mayonnaise while pregnant without damaging the baby. Nevertheless, the recommendations of this article need to be respected.