Can I eat magnum when pregnant ?

You are a future mother and this is a amazing event that will happen! However, pregnancy brings up a number of questions, especially about nutrition. Usually during the summer, you will want an ice cream . But are we able to eat magnum when we are pregnant? First of all we will discuss whether it is possible to eat magnum while pregnant, then we will remind you of any concerns related to ice cream consumption and at last we will give you various recommendations for eating magnum while pregnant without any problems.

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Can we eat magnum when we are pregnant?

Who has never desired ice cream, especially in the hot summer months. But are we able to eat magnum while pregnant? We will not give a clear-cut answer, because there are cases where it is possible to eat ice cream and others not. In the next chapter, we will explain any concerns about ice related infections.

What are the risks if you eat magnum while pregnant?

There are different risks associated with ice cream eating. Most of them are infectious. The first risk is due to a bacterium, Listeria , which is found in raw or unpasteurized milk and unpasteurized cream. The risk is to infect the baby during the consumption of ice cream made from raw milk or unpasteurized cream/milk.
The 2nd risk of infection is Salmonella , a bacterium found in eggs. The problem is present when the ice cream is made from raw eggs .
The third risk is sugar . If you consume too much, you increase your blood sugar and risk having gestational diabetes.

What measures can you take to have the right to eat magnum when you are pregnant without worries?

The first precaution is to control the ingredients of the ice composition. There are 3 ranges of ice cream: industrial, homemade and artisanal sold by specialized stores.
If you go for artisanal ice cream or ice cream, ask the seller if it contains eggs, milk or fresh cream. Then ask how the eggs (raw, snow), milk (raw, unpasteurized) and cream (unpasteurized) were placed. If one of these questions is positive, do not buy the ice cream. If you do not have a clear answer, it is better to avoid homemade ice creams. To convince you of the complexity of the information, it is also difficult to verify how the ingredients important for the composition of these ice creams are preserved and whether the cold chain has been respected.

For homemade ice cream, you can make the same arrangements as mentioned above. Use very fresh eggs or preferably recipes without eggs and with pasteurized milk or pasteurized cream.

You guys are really lost. You don’t understand if you have the possibility to eat magnum while pregnant. The chapter below gives you the authorized ice cream categories.

Which ice creams can be eaten without worries while pregnant?

You don’t know if you’re going to be able to eat magnum when pregnant. Here are the two categories of ice cream allowed during pregnancy.
Ice cream and sorbets industrial are safe. The ice cream or ice cream is made from pasteurized milk and the cold chain has been respected.
In the street, a strong urge to eat ice cream! You can buy the ice cream seller a fruit sorbet. Sorbet are often made with water and fruits.

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Industrial ice cream and sorbet is allowed while pregnant. You find out now if you will be able to eat magnum while pregnant.