Can I eat cognac sauce when pregnant ?

Alcohol is a subject of great discussion during pregnancy. A lot of women who are pregnant believe that alcohol in small doses is safe for the child. Will eating cognac sauce when you are pregnant can cause problems to the baby? First, we will say if alcohol-based recipes are bad for the baby, then what is the advice on alcohol-based recipes during pregnancy and finally a little reminder on the consequences of alcohol on the baby.

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Is it safe to eat cognac sauce when you are pregnant?

Many posts during pregnancy revolve around alcohol. Many of you will wonder if very rare alcohol drinking is bad. But also if alcohol-based recipes is dangerous for the baby. Is it possible to eat cognac sauce during pregnancy? In this case it will not be possible to answer you clearly. However , we will address this subject correctly so that you know in which case it will be possible to drink alcohol-based dishes and other cases that is contraindicated.

Eat cognac sauce when you are pregnant, what advice?

Eating cognac sauce when pregnant can depend on how you cook

Many women when pregnant will wonder if they have the possibilities to eat cognac sauce when pregnant. One of the parameters will be cooking. The alcohol content of the recipe will then change depending on the cooking method. The longer the food is grilled, the more alcohol will evaporate. Usually it is advised to cook the dish for at least 2 hours. It does not matter if the dish is prepared with wine , beer , rum or other ingredients. What is certain is that the stronger the alcohol, the longer it may need for it to evaporate, so select wine, beer rather than liqueurs or strong alcohol.

It will not be advised to eat dishes where alcohol has not been cooked or only slightly cooked, such as desserts or flambe dishes. Do not put alcohol during cooking, it will not have time to evaporate. It is important to note that if you take milk or cream, use pasteurized milk-based products. For meat and fish, they must be cooked properly to the core (no raw, smoked or marinated).

Tips for eating alcohol-based dishes:

  • No icing or alcohol sorbet
  • No flambe meal
  • Cook your meals for at least 2 hours to evaporate the alcohol to the max
  • Select an alcohol with a low alcohol content
  • No alcohol-based cakes, cookies or candy (candies)
  • Limit the amount and degree of alcohol in your dishes

How to replace alcohol and have the possibility to eat cognac sauce when you are pregnant?

It will probably often be frustrating to wonder if eating cognac sauce when you are pregnant will cause the baby problems and therefore not being able to eat cognac sauce. Here is a recipe advice to limit or even remove alcohol from dishes. You will be able to replace alcohols with other ingredients.
Beer can be replaced by sparkling or non-sparkling apple juice, ginger ale, non-alcoholic beer.
The liqueurs can be changed by fruit juices (apricots, peaches, pears).
The red wine can be replaced by grape juice, beef broth, etc . And white wine with chicken broth, white wine vinegar or apple juice.

Is it dangerous if you have eaten a dish containing alcohol?

In this case we definitely will calm a little the vast majority of worried minds. In the event that you may have consumed a dish or recipe containing alcoholic beverages and then noticed it later, it will not matter. It could happen. If the dish has been cooked for a while, the alcohol content is low. And if it doesn’t, if it happens in an extremely rare way, you cannot find any problem for your baby. However , watch out next time.

Exactly what are the threats to the fetus from eating cognac sauce when you are pregnant?

We have just described in detail for what reason it might be risky to consume alcohol-based dishes depending on how they are cooked. Simply because alcohol may well still be present when you eat your meal.
If you drink too much alcohol in your pregnancy, it can affect your baby. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a malformation in the fetus associated with heavy alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The child’s brain might be damaged and lead to long-term mental retardation.

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You know why you might or may not eat cognac sauce when you are pregnant. It is best to replace the alcohol with another ingredient (fruit, juice or other). So if not, make sure that these alcohol-based dishes are occasional and especially cooked for a very long time. The rule while pregnant will be ZERO alcohol .