Can I eat brussels sprouts when pregnant ?

The beginning of a pregnancy is not always very easy. Many questions are going on in your head about nutrition. Can we really eat brussels sprouts when you are pregnant? It seems advised to have a varied diet depending on the doctor’s opinion, however some foods will not be advised while pregnant. We will discuss with you if you can eat brussels sprouts when you are pregnant, the problems and suggestions for eating this vegetable properly. Following this article, you will discover all about brussels sprouts consumption while pregnant.


Can we eat brussels sprouts without doubts when we are pregnant and what will be the suggestions for eating this vegetable?

Is it safe to consume brussels sprouts pregnant?

Eating brussels sprouts pregnant happens to not be a risk for pregnancy. This vegetable will be edible by a pregnant woman. There are various measures to take before consuming it, however. The only risk that this vegetable could transmit is toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis will be a pathology related to a parasite that will be present in water and soil.

What are the suggestions for eating brussels sprouts while pregnant?

Most women already have antibodies against toxoplasmosis, but some do not. The healthcare practicioner at the beginning of your pregnancy will have you do a blood test to determine your immunological status against toxoplasmosis. If you have these antibodies then you do not need to comply with the next suggestions. The toxoplasmosis parasite will be present on vegetables. That’s why you’re going to need to wash the vegetables before you eat them. Do not eat brussels sprouts when you are pregnant especially if it is raw, if you do not know how they were washed. Take gloves when gardening.
Another mode of transmission of toxoplasmosis will be the cat and its poop. That’s why you should wear gloves when cleaning your cat’s litter box.

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What does it mean to eat brussels sprouts when you are pregnant?

Vegetables will be essential for better health in all human beings. They have an equally useful role while pregnant. Eating brussels sprouts when you are pregnant allows for good digestion and good transit so as not to be bothered by constipation. Vegetables also provide very important nutrients, such as folates or vitamin B9. Folates will allow a good closure of the fetal spinal cord. The brussels sprouts property will also be the supply of water, vitamins, antioxidants and many other important things. However, eating brussels sprouts will allow you to provide enough iron intake, which will be quite important, especially for vegetarians or vegans.
Just take care, don’t eat too much soy or soy products (soy juice, tofu, …). They have hormones that look like estrogen.


You can eat brussels sprouts without problem, it is even very advisable. Vegetables will be the basis of a balanced nutrition.

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