Can I drink citrus schweppes when pregnant ?

The pregnancy is an extraordinary moment for you but really difficult at the same time. Lots of questions in 9 months! You’ll have to do that and not do that! Enough to get lost in all this. We have previously seen in different articles quite a lot of food and drink on our site, soft drinks are one of the drinks we hadn’t mentioned yet. So can we drink citrus schweppes when you are pregnant? To begin we will inform you if you have the possibility to drink citrus schweppes when you are pregnant and the reasons behind its limitation in quantity and sometimes its prohibition during pregnancy.

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Is it possible to drink citrus schweppes pregnant?

A refreshment in summer! A real pleasure this drink with fine sparkling bubbles! However, can we drink citrus schweppes when you are pregnant? We will not say YES or NO, simply because it might depend on the soft drink. There are provisions for the intake of soft drinks, or even prohibitions. The drink to promote during pregnancy happens to be water, about 1. 5L per day.

What info will I need to check to drink citrus schweppes while I am pregnant?

What is the categories of soft drinks?

You are pregnant and you are looking to find out if you have the chance to drink citrus schweppes when you are pregnant. We will talk about 2 categories of soft drinks and show you why drinking citrus schweppes pregnant can be bad for pregnancy.
The first type of soft drink happens to be sodas . They often have water, sugar and acid. If you drink it often, it will sometimes increase your weight or increase the problem of diabetes during pregnancy.
The 2nd type is light drinks that do not have sugar but sweeteners. Sweeteners are highly criticized for their potentially harmful effects if you drink too much.

What is the problem with caffeinated drinks or energy drinks?

Colas or energy drinks have a lot of caffeine. There is a caffeine limit during pregnancy, which is actually 300 mg per day. Caffeine will sometimes be bad for the baby if it happens to be drunk in really large doses. It could cause stress, a decrease in the absorption of calcium important for bone building.
To inform you of the caffeine dose in these drinks (the reference is instant coffee, which contains between 27 and 173 mg :

  • cola type soft drinks can include between 25 and 50 mg
  • energy drinks can include between 70 and 180 mg

In addition to caffeine, energy drinks contain molecules that are toxic to the baby. It is therefore highly contraindicated to drink them during pregnancy.

This information gives you the chance to find out if you can drink citrus schweppes pregnant.

We offer a search engine for pregnant women , if you are looking to find out if another drink or food is allowed during pregnancy.


Finally you can see if you can drink citrus schweppes when you are pregnant. To summarize, it is not advised to drink energy drinks during pregnancy. Soft drinks (light or sweet) and drinks with caffeine will have to be limited in quantity in order to protect the baby and allow good health for the mother.