Can I eat eggs in cakes when pregnant ?

Pregnancy is a period of life where a lot of questions arise. It is often complicated to ask all your questions to your general practitioner. Not to mention that internet is a very complicated way to find out simple answers and not easy to understand. Diet during pregnancy requires many knowledge and sacrifices. However a question remains, can we eat eggs in cakes when we are pregnant? We will discover with you if you can eat eggs during pregnancy, the risks that are related to their consumption and we will finish with the benefits of eggs.


Can we eat eggs in cakes while we are pregnant?

Eggs are a big topic of debate during pregnancy. The egg is very common in our diet, as much as it can be eaten alone or included in recipes. However, is it possible to eat them during pregnancy? Can we eat eggs in cakes when we are pregnant? The answer is neither YES nor NO. As stated by some recommendations, it is not advisable to eat raw or undercooked eggs during pregnancy. We offer another answer. If you sometimes eat raw or undercooked eggs , then choose the eggs closest to the laying date, ideally within 9 days. But if you have the option to choose, it is best to eat COOKED eggs.

What are the risks and what is the advice to be able to eat eggs in cakes while you’re pregnant?

Problems when eating eggs in cakes while pregnant

Salmonella, a bacteria, is the main risk when eating eggs. Salmonella contaminates mainly raw food, such as eggs, raw egg products, when food has not been enough cooked, dairy products (eg raw milk) or undercooked meat. Salmonella will be killed during cooking. Signs of salmonella infection might include digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Therefore you will be able to eat eggs in cakes during the pregnancy, nevertheless check the freshness of the eggs or that they are cooked.

The other risk is listeriosis , a pathology widely discussed in our various articles. This Listeria bacteria can be found in raw or undercooked eggs. The advice is the same, cook your food to kill this bacteria.

What precautions should we take if you have to eat eggs in cakes when pregnant without any risk?

If you have to eat eggs in cakes while pregnant and without worries and to avoid salmonella, we recommend different hygiene rules:

  • Properly wash your hands as a result of contact with raw foods, not to mention utensils and cooking area
  • Properly cook foods, so eggs too
  • If you eat raw or undercooked eggs, be sure they are as fresh as possible, learn how to decode the tags (date of lay or advised date of consumption)
  • Do not wash the eggs, so as not to weaken the hull
  • Keep the eggs correctly stored at 4 ° C / 39 ℉ in the fridge door
  • For egg ice cream, immediately put the ice cream back in the freezer after you have been served
  • Recipes made from fresh eggs that are undercooked will need to be eaten during the day

Organic eggs will not be less at risk of salmonella however it ensures a good supervision of the feeding of hens.

At home, we avoid recipes based on raw or undercooked eggs, such as egg whites, egg casserole, calf or fried, homemade mayonnaise, chocolate mousse. In restaurants and at friends’, avoid raw egg dishes such as homemade mayonnaise, mousse, ice cream, tiramisu, home-made custard so as not to be contaminated with salmonella.
Instead, we recommend that you take industrial-grade foods rather than home-made foods to avoid date and egg storage errors.

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The nutritional value of eating eggs in cakes while pregnant

Eating eggs in cakes when you’re pregnant brings nutrients. The egg has a lot of nutritional content. It offers essential proteins to baby’s development. It also provides iron, essential for red blood cells and the brain. It also contains vitamins A and D, folic acid and iodine, which is essential for the baby’s good brain development. Eating eggs will give the opportunity to reduce the consumption of meat and fish.

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You will be able to eat eggs in cakes while pregnant, but prefer fresh and properly preserved eggs. If you have to take no risks, then eat the eggs systematically cooked or buy industrial preparations.