Can I eat asperuleodorant when pregnant ?

Many questions arise during pregnancy, especially regarding food. Can we eat asperuleodorant when pregnant? Health professionals will give you various recommendations for a successful pregnancy. You will be told that sport happens to be good, that tobacco will not be good for the fetus, that alcohol will be dangerous for the fetus and so on. However, in terms of food, we suggest that you have a balanced and healthy diet. However, it will not really be said if you have the possibility to eat this or that food. We will talk about with you if you can eat asperuleodorant while pregnant, what recommendations for eating asperuleodorant and the benefits of eating asperuleodorant.

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Can we eat asperuleodorant when pregnant and what are the risks?

Is it safe to eat asperuleodorant while pregnant?

What a pleasure these aromatic herbs flavouringdishes and salads. It’s a shame to refrain from doing so. You may possibly wonder if you could eat asperuleodorant when you’re pregnant. And the answer is YES. But you must make several preparations to eat asperuleodorant.

What are the problems of eating asperuleodorant during pregnancy?

The only communicable illness will be toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis will be a pathology related to a parasite. This parasite is implanted in the soil. He will therefore be able to grow on the asperuleodorant leaves. The other way of transmission is through cat. If you need to clean his litter box, bring a pair of gloves.

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What recommendations should be adopted to avoid exposure to toxoplasmosis and finally to have the possibility of eating asperuleodorant pregnant?

As seen before, toxoplasmosis parasite is found to be present in the soil. To be able to eat asperuleodorant when you are pregnant, there are two recommendations to follow. The very first question is whether you are protected against toxoplasmosis. This test is done at the beginning of your pregnancy. A blood test will be requested by the specialist to determine if you have these antibodies. If you have these antibodies in this case no need to follow rule 2. The second rule is to wash these aromatic herbs sufficiently before eating them in order to remove any soil residue and therefore the presence of the parasite. In exactly the same way, when gardening, wear gloves.

If you are interested in having more recommendations on food, you could click on the following link:

Doctors and midwives will be the primary interlocutors throughout your pregnancy. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

What will be the health advantages of eating asperuleodorant pregnant?

Fruits and vegetables will already be encouraged during pregnancy. However, what about aromatic herbs and therefore eating asperuleodorant during pregnancy? The aromatic herbs will be full of water, vitamins, antioxidants. They would have effects on digestion, tonus, diuretic, antiseptic,…. Eating asperuleodorant when you are pregnant will also give the possibility to flavor your dishes without adding too much salt or sugar, much more harmful for the fetus.


At last, we can confirm you can safely eat asperuleodorant while you are pregnant after washing it in clean water.

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