Can I drink thyme tea when pregnant ?

Discovering that you’re going to be a mom filled you with joy! What a wonderful event, isn’t it? Nevertheless, in this case, there are situations on which we will completely be lost, such as food and drink during pregnancy. Are we able to drink thyme tea when pregnant? In this post we will talk about herbal teas and infusions. First of all we will answer you if you can drink thyme tea while you are pregnant and then the arrangements to take if you want to drink herbal teas well without worries for the baby.

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Are we able to drink thyme tea while you are pregnant?

It is very pleasant a small herbal tea or infusion when it is a bit chilly or in the evening. However, can we drink thyme tea when pregnant? We might think that plants will be safe for pregnancy. Then the answer is YES, you can drink thyme tea during pregnancy. But there will be plants that are not allowed to drink while pregnant.

What precautions should be taken to drink thyme tea when pregnant?

What types of plants will be allowed during pregnancy?

Most plants will be ok during pregnancy, so you can drink thyme tea when pregnant. Drinking thyme tea while pregnant will give water mainly. Infusions and teas do not contain theine or caffeine. Herbal teas and infusions can have benefits on stress and insomnia. You can drink ginger, which calms nausea. To avoid any questions, stay with the classic plants (verbena, mint, chamomile, etc. ).

If you want to find out if another plant will be allowed during pregnancy, type its name in our search engine for pregnant women .

Drink thyme tea while pregnant, where to get the herbal teas and in what form?

If you are located in the countryside, harvest the plants yourself, but make sure they are not contaminated by animals. Rinse the leaves sufficiently and dry them.
Otherwise, if you only have stores available, to drink thyme tea while you are pregnant safely, buy in bulk and ORGANIC, to be able to minimize the presence of pesticides. There are herbal pharmacists who can be good recommendations if important.

Which plants will be forbidden during pregnancy?

Not all herbal teas or infusions will be safe to drink during pregnancy. Knowledge about plants is rather low, especially during pregnancy. They could have bad or even serious effects on the fetus and its development. Plants can disrupt hormones or iron absorption. But as we said, drinking thyme tea while you are pregnant will be fine.

Do not drink the plants listed below:

  • Pouliot mint and peppermint
  • Chamomile (different from the most common chamomile)
  • The sage
  • The liquorice
  • The ginsengs
  • The ginkgo
  • Rhubarb
  • Hops
  • The saffron
  • The guarana
  • Valerian


Finally, you can drink thyme tea while you are pregnant without any problem for the child.